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What Our Guests Are Saying...

"The service and food were top notch. You would never think you were at a "hotel restaurant."  Plus, the view of the Riverside Park and the Mississippi River is one of the best in La Crosse. - Hine, 5/2017

"The restaurant is very, very pleasant. The food is great and the server was also pleasant and did a good job." - Donald, 5/2017

“Thee Rivers Lodge is one of our favorite places to eat. The one side of the restaurant is solid windows that overlooks Riverside Park and the River.  You couldn't ask for a nicer atmosphere!” - Jennifer, 4/2017

Customer Reviews TRL restaurant La Crosse WI“Nancy and Tim are great bartenders and waiters.  They are very friendly.  The view of the Mississippi is great and adds to the dining experience." - Chuck, 4/2017

“It is a beautiful restaurant, with an excellent view of the Mississippi and a lovely park.  The food is delicious and reasonable for such a nice venue. The service was attentive and had a friendliness that made everything special.  I asked for substitutions and specific details about how I wanted my food prepared and they did not complain or make a mistake." - Custo, 4/2017

“The service and food were exceptional! We plan to return again as a day trip (2.5 hr drive) just to eat there.  Way to go Three Rivers Lodge!!" - Dadds, 4/2017

"Good food & beautiful setting overlooking the Mississippi River." - Theresa, 3/2017‚Äč

"It was great! Drinks, food and service were all excellent.  It is so nice and the river view can't be beat." - Donald, 3/2017

"Friendly staff, good menu with reasonable prices." - David, 3/2017